The Haircare Routine Before You Hit the Hay!

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Everyone has a preferred hairstyle, and it does not only depend on the current trends. Our personality is a deciding factor as well. This is because our intrinsic characteristics affect our preferences and decisions.

Despite having different hairstyle preferences, we all agree that we want strengthened and healthy hair. Who doesn’t want to wake up with healthy hair that does not require too much styling and settling?

However, the secret to healthy hair is a nighttime hair routine-and the good news is   Iles Formula Haircare has formulas that work on ALL hair types and ALL ages, so rest assured “choice” is already minimalized.

Coarse and kinky hair

Moisture is one thing that coarse and kinky hair needs.  The more coarse hair is, the more brittle or hard it can feel. Hence, it’s essential to use a conditioner that moisturizes and softens up your tresses. Those that contain raw ingredients and coconut oils are effective in repairing damage and preventing breakage. The Iles Conditioner featured, not only repairs and softens hair immediately on contact, but is very particular in that it deposits no residue of any kind on the hair shaft, Be aware of conditioners containing keratin or protein residue, as a buildup of these offenders, can cause eventual major hair breakage.

rise-and-shine-the-haircare-routine-before-you-hit-the-hayIles Formula Conditioner


Curly hair

If you have curly hair and want to maintain it, you can braid your hair in the evening. If you want to loosen your curls, make bigger braids. If you want to tighten them, make smaller braids. Applying a serum for dense curls can help prep up your hair for the following day.  Applying a hair elixir like the  Iles  Formula Curl Revive  Serum is just weighty enough to tame any curl into a frizz-free texture. If you wish for your curls to dry naturally while you sleep, be sure to use a turban towel to suck out all excess water, this will also help form beautifully formed curls.  ( do not disturb them by combing or brushing ) just apply Iles  Formula Curl Serum before bed and rise with bouncy well-formed curls.

Find out more tips on taming the flyaways and frizz-prone hair in this blog and if you want a shorter and quicker read, visit our Instagram page to find easy hair care tips on the go!

top-5-ways-for-choosing-the-right-hair-productsIles Formula Curl Revive

Fine Straight Hair

If you have fine, straight hair, you can tie your hair with a velvet or silk scrunchie into a low pony. We also recommend washing hair with a gentle hair cleanser like the Iles Formula Shampoo. It is created by selecting the most exclusive, high-performing antioxidant-rich ingredients to work for all ages and hair types. It immediately detangles + protects hair while providing manageability and a lusciously silky texture. This delicate formula cleanses without ever stripping color or drying out your hair, and delivers the best volume to fine straight hair.

Oily Hair

Use this same shampoo and allow it to sit on the scalp around 60 seconds longer than normal. It will cleanse perfectly the hair and scalp without stripping out goodness. Blow-dry roots upside down with cool air before bed.


rise-and-shine-the-haircare-routine-before-you-hit-the-hayIles Formula Shampoo


Dry hair

Moisturize your hair to treat the dryness. Consider using the Iles Formula Hair Mask, and it will lock in moisture and keep your hair soft and detangled. Strands are left feeling nourished, it’s also vitamin-infused therefore, maintains a healthy scalp too. It’s so power-packed with goodness, but even so, this product is a win-win, as it never weighs the hair down. No downtime is needed, no need to sleep with it on, It needs no more than 15 mins to deliver its goodness, an easy deliverance before bed!

rise-and-shine-the-haircare-routine-before-you-hit-the-hayIles Formula Hair Mask

Damaged hair

If you have damaged hair, you need to pamper it to avoid further damage. Using a high-performance repair and nurture system like the Iles Formula Signature Collection will transform hair to a nurtured state from the very first use. If you don’t believe us, experience the Discovery Pack featuring these 3 miraculous formulas of shampoo + conditioner+ finishing protection serum in tester sachet form.

how-to-reduce-hair-fall-during-fallIles Formula Signature Collection

To learn more professional tips that will transform and repair your damaged tresses, visit this link!

We touched base on this in the earlier part of this blog, but our personality also plays a big role in our hairstyle preference. Take a Personality test and learn how you can make better choices and decisions.


Article by guest writer: Karina Tama

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