Scentcerely Luxury Spa Fragrance Oil, 4


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When used in your home with our powerful diffuser, this aroma will make every day feel like a spa day. This soothing happiness blend contains ingredients that are compliant with the CA Proposition 65, such as fresh greens, eucalyptus, peppermint, jasmine, and calming woods. In addition, it has mid notes of pineapple, rose, pine needle, violet, and base notes of sandalwood, cedar, musk and amber. Use our diffuser in living rooms, workshops, offices, or other areas that may tend to smell bad. Install an Aroma Diffusion Machine in the kitchen to keep smells in the trash can from spreading or inside your home gym so the air stays fresh. These diffusers are also incredibly helpful for people with pets, particularly those that live in small enclosures and can develop a foul odor over time. Our commercial-grade perfume diffuser has a sleek, modern look and is a quiet but very powerful atomizer. If you are worried about the scent being overpowering, you can simply change the setting on the diffuser. This refill bottle contains the same high-grade fragrance oil used at world-class resorts to scent their lobbies. We designed this oil blend to provide happiness through raised cognition and optimism. It doesn’t contain toxins or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that could otherwise cause allergic reactions. This 4-ounce bottle of Aroma Retail fragrance oil should last a month at average intensity running every day for 12 hours per day. For some, diffusing soothing essential oils may help with anxiety, stress, focus, or possibly even sleep. This device produces an aromatic mist, providing a calm space where you can decompress. Unlike other atomizing diffusers, our Aroma Diffusion Machine does not require you to dilute the oil with water. Fill your home or office with calming and refreshing scents that will put everyone at ease, like our Luxury Spa fragrance.

LASTS LONG: Aroma Retail 4-ounce fragrance oil, when used in our diffusers, should last about a month, running seven days a week, 12 hours a day, at average intensity (25-30%)
SPECIALLY DESIGNED: Our products will always work most effectively in our Aroma Diffusion Machine. DO NOT NEED to add water!
SECURE PACKAGING: We ship this fragrance oil cartridge in absorbent packaging to prevent spills; keep the bottle upright AT ALL TIMES!!!


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