How to Reduce Hair Fall During the Fall Season

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As the temperature starts to cool down, you’ll notice an increasing number of strands slip away in the shower. These strands then amass to clumps, and this then leads to a panic-induced moment which makes you question the following:

“Is this amount of hair loss normal?”

“Am I medically ill?”

“Am I going bald?”

Chances are, if you search these questions online, you will end up finding exaggerated replies with minimal context – but we are here to tell you that what you are experiencing is, most likely, seasonal hair loss—a common issue that many of us face during the end of summer and late fall.

Let’s get more specific – throughout the year, hair follicles transition through various stages. Our tresses first enter the Telogen phase during autumn, where 15% of old hairs “rest” while new hairs grow. The ‘ Exogen ‘ phase commences towards the end of the season, and new hair expels old locks from the scalp, resulting in significant hair shedding.

Now that the technical rationale is out the way let’s focus on reducing hair loss during the fall season. Adopting simple, natural, and organic products and easy-to-do dietary changes will ensure your crowning glory survives the chilly climates!

More protein = more hair

Cooler temperatures mean reduced daylight hours, and with many COVID-19 restrictions still in place, most of our time will be spent indoors.

And we all know what happens when we are cozied up on our couches – endless snacking.

Just remember, the meal choices you make affect your nutritional levels, weight, and your tresses! Professional dieticians have revealed that refined carbohydrates and sugars limit blood circulation. Hence, the nutritional content in your plasma will not reach your hair follicles, and thus, a reduction in hair growth takes place.

Another food group to steer clear of is deep-fried meals. Your scalp already releases an oily substance (sebum), so there is no need for additional oil intake unless you’re a fan of greasy and limp hair.

At a time when hair fall is rampant, we strongly urge adopting a protein-rich diet. Each of your strands consists of fibers known as ‘keratin’, and to propel its growth, you need more protein-heavy foods like lean meats, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

Keep the heat on your body, not your hair!

Keep the heat on your body, not your hair!

During winters, it is incredibly tempting to dry your hair with high-powered hairdryers. Admittedly, they do get the job done in a short period. Still, they can damage your scalp and evaporate all the moisture, ultimately leaving your locks more susceptible to breakage.

Therefore, refrain from using heated styling tools as much as possible and make sure that if you do, you are compensating for the loss of hydration with high performant formulas like the Iles Formula Signature Collection. This collection not only repairs but protects the hair from heated tools + UV + Color Fade + humidity without ever weighing hair down. They are created with sustainable natural ingredients that transform damaged, limp hair into luscious, Rapunzel-like tresses!

how-to-reduce-hair-fall-during-fall  Iles Formula Signature Collection

Weekly deep conditioning

Weekly deep conditioning is the key to ensuring optimal hair health during the colder months ahead. Deep conditioners will have a thicker, heavier concentration of replenishing components; therefore, they continue working for days after use. Keep in mind; they are formulated to penetrate the strand more deeply than surface-smoothing daily conditioners.

Consider the Iles Formula Hair Mask treatment; it is a sumptuous cocktail of nutrients and vitamins infused to deliver excellent scalp care alongside nurtured and strengthened locks.


Iles Formula Hair Mask

Other tips include taking on less stress; an anxious state of mind will only worsen your hair’s health during the telogen stage of the hair cycle. Worse yet, you may enter the phase prematurely, and as a result, you may lose more strands than is typical.

Please note, we strongly encourage visiting specialists if your hair loss continues to worsen. 

Visit the Iles Formula website or journal for other hair care tips, opinions, and product suggestions!

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